EGX Rezzed: Game 1

Hey everyone! ANGELINA and I are currently at Eurogamer's annual Rezzed game expo, where ANGELINA spent the day designing games live, and interacting with people passing by. People answered its questions, taught it new things, and watched it design games and levels. At the end of the day it released its first game made at Rezzed: Ace Comcat, a game about mice chasing cheese and avoiding cats. I've added it to the latest build of the player, and you can download and play it right now!

I'm aware that right now the player is ludicrously massive (it's around 1gb). I know how to reduce this, I think, I just haven't had the time to do it because everything's been poured into getting ready for Rezzed. But soon we'll have the player much leaner, and hopefully with lots of new games!

Thanks to everyone who has played the games or given feedback so far. More games to come, I hope!


ANX Player for Windows 43 MB
Version 3 Apr 06, 2018
ANX Player for Mac 47 MB
Version 4 Apr 13, 2018

Get The ANGELINA Game Player

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